Life is a battlefield and in every battle, it’s either you win or you lose. In the race of life, there are lots of battles that will be fought either consciously or unconsciously. Life doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you demand.

In life, many challenges and obstacles will want to weigh you down or deter you from becoming who you want to be or achieving your goal and for you to win this battle, you have to overcome these challenges and obstacles, and overcoming them cannot be done without strong determination and willpower. Because life is tough you also need to be tougher, you should give life a real tough fight.

There is this story about a lion and a tortoise wanting to engage in a fight and we know naturally that both of them are not a match in any way but the story goes on that before the great fight began, the tortoise had to begin falling down all the grasses and scattering the bush around and so when asked by other animals why he was doing that, he said:” so that when passerby come across this area, they will know that the battle fought on this ground was a great one”. That it was not an easy fight. It will look like a place where two elephants fought. The tortoise knows quite well that he is no match for the lion but at least he will make others believe that he gave the lion a fight of his life when they see the level of damage done on the area.

What am trying to portray in this story is that life is not a game, it’s a battle and you have to give it a real fight. When you are knocked down, don’t give up, get up dust yourself and keep fighting with the end in sight which is your goal. Fight in such a way that within you, you know that you have given life a thorough fight.

Develop your inner strength, have a positive mindset, and always have this one thing in mind, the game of life is designed to be complex and to make you give up but don’t give in to it knowing what winning itself means to you. Like I said earlier, life doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you demand. You demand from life what you desire by making a deliberate decision and taking deliberate action by revealing your potential and exploiting it maximally and this has to be done consistently.