Before discussing on what makes for a healthy relationship, let’s first talk about what a healthy relationship is all about.

A healthy relationship is a relationship where both the man and the woman in a relationship always get along well.

Getting along well does not necessarily mean that once in a while there’s not going to be a little quarrel between the man and the woman but that they always resolve their quarrel amicably without involving a third party.

A relationship can also be said to be healthy when despite the quarrel amid the couple, their personal relationship activities will not be affected like refusing to eat food, sex, etc


Communication is very important in every relationship. It helps to build relationships by energizing the couple and getting them connected. When a couple interacts with each other, there is always openness and mutual respect among them. Understanding your partner well and him understanding you is pivotal to deeper communication between the two of you. A relationship that lacks communication is bound to have conflict as there will be no reliance and intimacy.


Physical intimacy is all about the amount of physical connection and bonding that exists between the couple. This has to do with their romantic lives such as sex, hugging, cuddling, and sleeping together, etc.

For example, Sex builds a healthy relationship between couples. Regular quality sex strengthens connection and creates more intimacy between couples. A lot of time differences between couples are usually settled during such activity.

Sleeping together also brings about closeness between couples. When couples sleep together, they gist, talk, romance each other, all these things rekindled love and build a healthy relationship between husband and wife.


In this modern world you find out that the man is always busy with work and the woman also busy with her activity but if they have a healthy relationship you discover that they always make time for each other. During the day the husband always calls the wife and the wife calls her husband. When they are at home, you see them helping each other even in house chores. On most occasions, you see them both always taking a walk. Couples that have a healthy relationship are always fond of each other.


This shows that the couples have one mind concerning a particular endeavor. It enables each one of them to know the other thought, feeling, fear, hope, etc and so create trust between them. This doesn’t mean they must agree on everything or that they can’t have their personal goal but that they agree on certain areas that will enable them to work hard to build a strong reliable future together. Sharing a common goal also makes both of them help and support each other to achieve their dream.


True Love has to do with great and constant sacrifices. In a healthy relationship, you see the couples making individual sacrifices consciously and most times unconsciously. This individual sacrifice makes their relationship healthy. There are things that one of them will want to do but for the fact it’s going to affect the other, you see him or her desisting from doing it. In other times one of them has to make a serious sacrifice to see that the other is happy probably there are things he or she wants to achieve, the other has to make some sacrifice to enable the other to achieve his or her dream.

When you see a relationship that is healthy, it didn’t just happen. There are efforts and hard work that are put into the relationship and that’s what makes the relationship healthy.

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