With the current economic situation, it has become of importance that both the husband and the wife have a job they do as this will aid in easing of the financial liabilities that come with marriage. This will also bring a sort of financial relief to the man however when career decisions of one spouse conflict or compete with the marriage, family responsibilities, and or the career of the other spouse, then know there is a problem. This is now when career begins to comes first in the marriage. It can be very dangerous most especially on the part of the woman. This can ruin your marriage and can lead to break up if not properly handled

This doesn’t much affect the man in a marital relationship because he already knows that it is his responsibility to provide for his family but for the woman on many occasions, it has been discovered that job or career use to get into their head such that they now put their job or career ahead of their family and are even willing to sacrifice their family for their job or career.
Now your job or career that is meant to be a blessing to you and your family is now becoming that which is ruining your marriage.

The same job you are given your all and are willing to sacrifice your family for is something you might wake up one day, get to your office and you will be told your service is no longer needed for one reason or the other or even, you build your career at the expense of your family in the name of being a career woman and at the end of it all after you might have built that wonderful career of yours, your marriage is destroyed and in the cause, you loss your children. At this point, it will now dawn on you that you have been getting it wrong all this while but by then it would have been too late.

I have seen a situation where a woman decides to quit her marriage and abandon her children instead of quitting her job or look for a way to balance her job and her marriage when her husband begin to complain that her job is affecting their marriage and children.
A career or job can be so damaging when it begins to come first in your life or family when you become so committed to it such that you no longer have time for your husband and children. When you begin to make your husband feel that your job or career is more important to you than him either you do this consciously or unconsciously.

This invariably means that the more committed you are to your job, the less time and attention you give to your children and your husband before you know it your husband begins to get attention elsewhere which can eventually lead to him cheating on you. And on the part of the children, the less attention you give to them can cause them to begin to get involved into things that can cause great damage to their life.You need to find a way to balance your job and your family, you need to make your husband and children understand that even though your job and career are important to you, they are more important. That whatever is it you are doing is for the good of the whole family.

The truth of the matter is that most women fail to understand that success or money can never make a woman as happy as love fulfilled in marriage. So the way to prioritize is marriage first, Children second and then your job or your career.

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