In the early period of the world, the position and primary purpose of a wife is that of keeping the home while the man is meant to provide for the family. This is the way we understood family to be run back then and still so in some parts of the world. I believe God’s desire for the woman in marriage is much more than that hence the virtuous woman in the book of proverbs. Having this understanding makes us believe that the responsibility of a wife is enormous.

In this modern world, women are not just meant to be housewives keeping the home but are engaged in different great careers supporting their husbands in providing for the home. A virtuous wife in this modern world is a good character wife that is engaged in a series of activities supporting the husband in providing for the family.A good character housewife that just sits at home doing nothing in this modern world does not represent a virtuous woman because she is not with most of the characteristics that depict a virtuous wife as recorded in the book of proverbs.

Gone are the days when the wife sits at home doing nothing. Women that are still in this category have been left behind, they are not moving with the trend. It is a known fact that the husband plays a dominant role, the first and last person responsible for the well-being of his household, from financial matters to physical protection.This notwithstanding, the wife is meant to be the supportive partner, the person responsible for supporting her husband in achieving his goals for their household which inturn is interrelated with her own goal

This role can not be well achieved unless she is a modern wife. If not, how can she combine her primary role in keeping the home which includes but is not limited to taking care of the kids, the meals, her husband, her career, and providing support to the husband for the family.This is why I wrote at the beginning of this post that the responsibilities of the modern wife are enormous but in time past women did not discover this hidden truth though the truth has been there as designed by God from the beginning as can be seen in the way He created the woman with the inherent qualities she possesses. But this truth began to be effective during the Industrial Revolution when women began to take up some of the responsibilities that are seen to be meant for men.

As the world advances, most of the women begin to have an understanding of the time we are in and begin to move with the time becoming more sophisticated but one special feature about them is that In as much as she is ambitious , hard-working and more sophisticated, she knows her position in the family knowing quite well that her husband is to be held in high esteem. This, including the fear of God, makes her an ultimate modern wife.

Life is difficult, and a husband who has a healthy support system at home is often able to achieve more, and in turn, better provide for the family. That is why the man must understand the inherent make up of a woman and utilizes it to his benefit and that of the entire family.In this regard, he appreciates the many sacrifices been made by his wife and responds by providing adequate support both domestically and to her career. This will make her happier.

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For this purpose, it has become imperative that the modern woman has to make good and careful consideration before accepting a man’s hand in marriage knowing that her responsibilities are ample and so for her to be able to meet up with these tasks she needs a supportive man who has an understanding of what love truly is and is willing to make a sacrifice for her to ensure that she discharges her duties as both a wife and a career woman well, and she, in turn, honor him, respect him and appreciate him for his love seen through his numerous sacrifice for her.

There is no better joy than for a man and a woman in a marriage relationship to understand each other well, support each other, and work together to ensure that their marriage is a success.

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