The Essence of Woman

When God created the man, God said “it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a helper suitable for him ” and so God created the woman for the man and said the two of them should become one. For the woman to be created and declared a helper, it means that there are attributes configured inside of her to enable her to perform this responsibility of helpmeet perfectly. This attribute is what I call the inherent make up of a woman
When a manufacturer manufactures a product, there is a purpose for which he intends the product to fulfill. When the product is not fulfilling this purpose it means that the product has malfunctioned, that is, fails to function normally. Which means it has failed its purpose. It doesn’t matter if this product is fulfilling other purposes but for the fact that its original intent is not being fulfilled, the product failed.
Marriage in itself is not compulsory but, in as much as it is not compulsory, it is of necessity. That is why when a woman decides to stay single for a reason other than ill health or for the purpose of dedicating her life for God’s work it means that the woman is not fulfilling her primary purpose.


         Man Need Have A Vision

God created the man and gave him responsibility, He now created the woman to help him in that responsibility. This responsibility is the man’s purpose and he is not meant to carry out this purpose all by himself. The woman coming in is to assist the man in fulfilling this purpose. Now everything that the woman has, her talents, gifts, uniqueness including her education was given her to help the male fulfill this purpose. In other words, the woman’s primary purpose is interrelated to the man’s purpose.
This, therefore, means that the man ought to have a plan and a vision for his life first and create an enabling environment so that when the woman comes in, she immediately key in and help In fulfilling that plan and vision. But when the right environment is not created for the woman, it induces a negative effect on the woman which can bring stress, bitterness, and even depression on the woman.
A husband without a clear purpose and vision for his life makes for a disheartened wife because a woman that comes to help and discover that there is nothing to help with can become frustrated and this can lead the woman pursuing a different vision other than her husband vision which can eventually lead to a crisis in their marriage most especially if the woman begins to be more successful. The man now begins to feel domineering and intimidating in the marriage which if not properly handled can lead to a broken home. Furthermore, when a woman discovers her purpose and begins to relate it to the man’s purpose, it brings fulfillment to her and her marriage. There is nothing that makes a woman as happy as love fulfilled in a successful marriage.

    Primary Purpose Of A Woman

So the question is, why would a woman decide to stay single? Why does a woman not want to get married? Is it that she is content being single and doesn’t want to ever have children or Is it because she doesn’t want to be submissive to a man or is it because she thinks she can take good care of herself or that she doesn’t want to be under control. After all, marriage in itself imposes certain control both to the man and to the woman. Whatever the reason is, other than like I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this post; ill- health or for the service to God, the woman is not fulfilling her primary purpose as a woman. That is to say, she is malfunctioning. She can be fulfilling other purposes, as a matter of fact, marriage doesn’t prevent one from fulfilling her secondary purpose but her primary purpose which is that of being a helpmeet she is not fulfilling it and once you are not fulfilling your original purpose, you are malfunctioning.

The husband is the head of the woman and so a woman without a husband is not complete as a body without a head is not complete. Marriage is the crown and glory of every woman, even though there are crises in some marriages it doesn’t take away this truth.
It is observed that married women have lower rates of depression than single or cohabiting mothers, probably because they are more likely to receive practical and emotional support from their husbands.


      Fulfillment  Of  Destiny

Marriage is, by design, for God’s glory and our good. Get married because you want to fulfill destiny. Get married because you want to be a helpmate. Of all the decisions a woman will make in her entire life, there is noon like marriage and been happily married to a man and both of them live harmoniously together.

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