Have you asked yourself why most of the highly successful men and women are men and women of discipline?
I discovered that the road to success has lots of responsibilities attached to it. It involves lots of thinking, lots of sleepless nights, hard work, and you denying yourself lots of things just to make sure you succeed.I am not talking about wrongly successful people, I’m talking about really successful people whose success has a process.

The reason why this successful men and women had to bring themselves to pass through this road to success is because of the passion they have for what they are doing.Passion is a very strong force that propels a man to go the extra mile to achieve something that he is passionate about. A man can not bring himself to go through these extra miles if he doesn’t have self-discipline. This now brings us to what self-discipline is.

Self Discipline is defined as a self-imposed standard for the sake of a higher goal. The key for you to achieve your goal or vision is self-discipline. In other words, you ought to have a vision of where you are going then you now discipline yourself to achieve your vision.

Some years ago growing up as a young boy I told myself that I was going to be successful at a younger age and so I decided to discipline myself having read through success books, that for you to be successful you need to be self-discipline. That decision I took, only helped me developed good character and not a financial success, you know why? because I had self-discipline but no actual vision. Let me explain what vision is before I continue.

Vision is the unique, specific, and customized picture of who you want to become or are meant to become in the future. Vision activates you into action through the passion you have for your vision.  It defines your what to do. A person with self-discipline without a vision can be likened to a poor wise man whose wisdom could help rescue a city but because he is poor, nobody listened to him.
In as much as self-discipline can build a good character in a man, let it be directed towards vision which is as a result of passion in other to achieve your goal which will make you successful. This is what I call directed self-discipline. This is the self-discipline that breeds success. The self-discipline that emanated from a vision.
Self-discipline is one of the most important virtue to have for success in any field. Succeeding in life is so difficult for many because life can be frustrating. Frustration can provoke many to give up too soon. Each challenge we face offers us the opportunity to grow, to improve upon our set skill, to test our edges and to learn new ways to solve problems.Those who are disciplined make their lives easier in achieving success when it’s done through vision.

Disciplined people are careful about the thoughts they allow to occupy their mind. They make the conscious choice to think only in terms of success, the attitude they keep is positive. Success isn’t going to always come easily; therefore, their failures are viewed as promotional opportunities which guide them towards their next more successful direction.
To be undisciplined can make a man unsuccessful because he cannot control his behaviour and appetites.
Once you have mastered the ability to delay gratification, the ability to discipline yourself to keep your attention focused on the most important task in front of you which is your vision, there is virtually no goal that you cannot complete.
Remember vision is the source of self-discipline.

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