Success is something everyone will want to achieve. I believe the reason why everyone wants to be successful is that human is designed to be successful by God and so, that propensity to succeed in life is always there in him. So why do so few people get there? why is it that many struggles to achieve financial success? No manufacturer of a product will design a product for the product to fail and so if a product fails, it means that there is a problem somewhere. So also it is with humans.

God’s desire for every human being is that he or she becomes successful whether financially or otherwise. I believe that the reason why many are not successful is that they could not find their direction in life. Some became successful not because they were able to find their direction in life but because they find a direction for their life. Both the ones that discovered their direction in life and the ones that discovered a direction for their life have one thing in common and that is Will Power. A man that discovered his direction in life is a man that discovers his purpose and begins to fulfill It while a man that discovered a direction for his life is one that was brought into a particular field and he begins to succeed in that field. This now brings me to what success is.

Now success according to the general definition is one setting a goal and achieving the set goal. But the true definition of success is determined by a person and by God. Every human created by God has a purpose for which he or she was created and when that person is not fulfilling this purpose, in the sights of God he is not successful though in the eyes of men he might be successful. A man that is not fulfilling the purpose for which he was created though might be physically successful but right inside of him he is not fulfilled, he is not happy inside of him. That man is not successful. If you want to be personally happy alongside being financially successful, then you need to make the right decisions and utilize the right information accordingly.

I am not here to talk about success or principles of success but to bring out attributes that when found in a man or woman will guarantee financial success. Like I stated earlier, the reason why many struggles in life and are not successful is that they lack information, certain kinds of information. And because they lack the information they don’t know what to do. Let’s look at these attributes that guarantee success in a man.

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something or a compelling desire for something. It probably began as a hobby, then it became a favorite pastime, then a part-time unpaid job because of the hours you spend on it, then you start collecting and learning more things about it. This is where you shut out almost everything else and fully devote yourself to pursuing and elevating the one thing you love.
One thing with passion is that it is closely associated with drive, enthusiasm, limitless energy, push, etc. One way to live a fulfilling life is to follow your passion.
Passionate people are almost always ambitious. They want to have a say in the field that they love. They read about it, study it, embrace it, and never really escape from it. It is like a gift.
Most of the high financially successful people in the world did not set out to become financially successful, they just follow their passion, and their passion coupled with a few other things I will discuss later in this post lead them to become highly successful financially.
Passion will give you the willingness to pursue that idea at any cost.

I can define will Power as the power to restrain every form of distraction to your goal. Consistently doing what you need to do to succeed, with total focus and resolve.
Whenever you have a desire to do something that conflicts with your long-term goals and your core values, willpower is the thing that kicks in and tries to keep you on track. The stronger your willpower is, the better chance of making a decision in line with your goals.

Willpower is what allows you to choose your path and to persevere in that path despite obstacles, resistance, and weakness. I can also say that willpower is the power of self-direction.
Will-power is a very strong and real energy, a power source that can be depleted, strengthened, and conserved. And the man who learns how to tap into this fuel and harness his willpower gains some of the most vital knowledge one can possess; how to make of himself and his life anything he wants them to be.
No matter the obstacles and challenges, you stand strong because of what you want to achieve. Willpower will give you a consistent and persistent pursuit of your goal. That thing you have passion for, you now begin to look for ways to generate money with it.

3. Monetizing your passion
It’s great to have passion but it is not enough. You need to convert your passion to monetary value, that is what I call monetization of passion. You do this by looking out for ways to market your product or services, and this therefore means that you need to align your passion with the market or people who are an ideal fit for your product or service and are interested in hearing your message, paying for what you want to offer, or buying your product.

Don’t allow the process of monetizing your passion to scare you. You can start with your friends and families and then from there you move on. You can even go online.

4. Planning
You have your passion, you have the strong will power to pursue your passion, you now know how to monetize your passion but what about the direction to go about all these, that is where planning now comes in.
Planning gives you direction, it gives value to your purpose, and it also enables you to stay focus. The way to go about this is simply to create a plan around how you are going to achieve every set goal towards turning your passion into financial success.
Your plan will enable you to engage in day to day activities that will steer you to following your passion and achieving your goal. Planning is important but when it comes to our plan for life, we will never be successful in any plans we come up with if we don’t first discover our passion, have willpower and find a way to monetize our passion. Financial success is not something one has to struggle to achieve it’s just for one to discover his passion and follow it. Like I said earlier, most of the high financially successful people in the world never achieve financial success through struggling but by following their passion and added it up with this attribute discussed above, and with time and consistency, they became successful. Some become successful unconsciously utilizing these attributes.

Everyone can be financially successful by utilizing these attributes it’s a guarantee for financial success.
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