Every human being created by God has a purpose for which he or she was created.
No manufacturer of a product will spend time, resources, and energy to produce a product without a purpose for the product to fulfill. So when a product does not serve its purpose that product is a failed product. Likewise, every human being on earth was created to fulfill a purpose so when you are not fulfilling that purpose, you are a failure though you might look successful in the eyes of men but, in the eyes of your manufacturer God and you, you are a failure. For you to serve your purpose you must, first of all, discover your purpose. You must know the purpose for which you were created. The reason why many people struggle in life is that they could not discover their purpose.

I found out that some discovered their purpose early in their life and others did not discover theirs on time. Many are also still struggling to discover their’s because they don’t know how to discover their purpose.
For those struggling to discover their purpose, in this post am going to take you into discovering your purpose.

What is purpose? Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish. Finding Gods’ purpose for your life equals finding peace and prosperity. The question is how do you discover Your purpose? The easiest and simplest way to discover your purpose is to discover your passion. Your purpose in life is buried in your genuine passion. You discover that when a man discovers his purpose, he becomes passionate about it likewise, whatever you are passionate about becomes your purpose. So what are you passionate about. But first what is passion?

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something or compelling desire for something. something that you are strongly interested in and enjoy doing that even if you stop doing it maybe something just come in between, you do go back to it. What is that thing that may be difficult in the eyes of others but to you, you do it with ease. It may be like a hobby to you or something you loved doing as a child but never considered it as a possibility. Something you take as a pastime but you enjoy doing it, then it becomes a  part-time unpaid job because of the hours you spend on it, then you start collecting and learning more things about it. For example, some people have a passion for entrepreneurship, they have a passion for retailing and building brands. Such people, you see them take any idea, a product or service, no matter how unrealistic it may seem to others, and possesses the will, skill-set, and grit to take extreme risks and allow this idea to be crystallized by introducing it into the market. They dream of the unreal and work relentlessly to convert it into a reality. This is what passion can do. So what do you have a passion for is it sport let say football and you don’t have people to help you become a professional football player, you can begin by taking a short video of skillful players put it online, and begin to make your money as people begin to visit your videos.

Another problem I discovered is that many that discovered their passion don’t know how to make a living out of it. I used to be among one of these groups. Mine was that I could not discover my passion early and when I did, I didn’t know how to make a living out of it until I got information.
Your passion will always be a defining element in your professional journey, and will eventually lead you to your success.

After discovering your passion what you should do is to develop your passion or skill around your passion so that you become an authority in your area. Always remember passion equal success.

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