Marriage is sweet, marriage is enjoyable but when you enter into marriage with the wrong man, it can be frustrating. I discovered that successful marriage is a result of the application of knowledge and knowledge is based on information.

This is why it is important for a woman to acquire a certain kind of information before saying yes to a man seeking her hand in marriage. That a man says he loves you and his willingness to spend the rest of his life with you is not the reason why you should accept him as a husband. It is understandable that many don’t have a proper understanding of what love truly is, and so don’t be faltered when a man tells you he loves you.
Women are structured by God in such a way that they are the receiver of love and that’s why men are told to love their wives but when a man doesn’t understand how to love his wife it results in abuse. That is why before a woman will accept a man’s hand in marriage, she should consider three things.

1. If the man is God-fearing

Life sometimes can be very challenging and it can push a man that is not God-fearing into getting involved in some evil things that the wife will not want to be part of. Men have an unlimited capacity for violence and inhumane acts. A man without restraint can be dangerous and can do anything thus, a true man needs the fear of God to put him in line.  When a man does not have the fear of God, beating his wife will not be to him as anything and this is something you will not want to experience. Women are structured by God in such a way that their nature is always meant to receive love and affection but when this is not there, it leads to depression. That is why as a woman, when a man is seeking your hand in marriage the first thing you should look at is if he has the fear of God. I did not say a Christian because it’s difficult to tell who a Christian is these days as a man can be a Christian and not God-fearing. This is mostly the case these days because being a Christian is becoming a social lifestyle.

Believe me, it is a very good thing to have a God-fearing man as a husband. He is always very forgiving, compassionate, lets go of grudges, he will always understand you and together both of you will raise Godly children. Women who have God-fearing men understand and appreciate the usefulness of this virtue.

2. He must have a Job.
When God created man, the first thing He gave to him is not a woman. The first thing God gave to the man was work. Therefore when a man comes to you and his seeking your hand in marriage ensure that he has something doing. I believe You won’t want a marriage where the whole financial burden will be on you just because you are the one working.

Getting married is one thing but marrying a man who can carry out his responsibilities as father and husband in the home is another. A lot of women have had to go through pains in the hands of some men who are not working, beat them up, accusing them of having extra-marital affairs, and finally, divorce is always the solution to such marriages. Don’t forget that finance is also one of the major factors for any home to succeed.

There is also another aspect, a man that is not working but he is hard working only that maybe he lost his job or his business went down as a result of challenges and you are financially stable and you know such a man has a true love for you then you can accept his hand in marriage. But there are these other ones who are not only jobless but also lazy, especially when they know that their wives can put food on their table, they become so lazy that they can hardly think positively. They go out to gossip, drink, and come back to molest their wife for food and sex because they are not thinking of how to make money, for this one’s please never accept as a husband.

The choice of a life partner is not a very cheap one. It’s a decision that can destroy your joy for a whole lifetime, so be wise. I think both the man and the woman planning to get married should have something doing because nobody will come from elsewhere to pay their bills.

3. Must have value for you
Value has to do with the price you are willing to pay for something. If I place value on a gold watch and I need it, it, therefore, means that I will be ready to pay a high price to acquire it even after I might have acquired it, I will cherish it so much that I will always want to clean it to always keep it shining. The high price I am willing to pay to acquire it is a sacrifice that I need to make. This shows how much I love a gold watch. I can now say my love for a gold watch is a response to the value I placed on the gold watch. So it is, when a man has value for you, he will cherish you, he will never lift his hand on you, he will always want to improve your quality, and this shows how much he really loves you and this is what true love is. He will make sacrifices to keep you happy. So when a man is seeking your hand in marriage check if he has value for you.

Marriage is the most important decision one has to make in life. It is a life long commitment, a bond like no other. Therefore Choosing a life partner must not be taken without careful and powerful considerations. It is a choice you have to make and you know making a choice sometimes is very difficult. That is why in making the right choice you need information, certain kinds of information like this one you are reading so that you will be able to choose a man that is suitable for you.


  1. Please I have a guy am madly doing anything for him to live happily but when he gets money for him to pay my bride price something happens in his family for him to loose the money to his family. He then tells me to help him pay my bride price. I’m confused now.


    1. Cassandra, I understand your plight but please do not allow your feelings or emotions to get at you I.e to be the controlling factor in your life.

      Please do not use your money to pay for your bride price. If he loves you let him go and get money even if it’s borrowing let him borrow. You can support him in other things like wedding or traditional marriage but not in payment of your bride price.

      Are you sure he loves you because you said you have been helping him financially all these while, what sacrifice has he done for you you need to read this post on understanding of what love is UNDERSTANDING-LOVE in

      Please don’t rush into marriage, take your time and also pray if you believe in prayer. I wish you the best of marriage.

      I recommend you also to read DON’T GO INTO MARRIAGE FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS in


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