I have heard many people say all men cheat and I probably know that you have heard the same too. But is it true that all men cheat? My answer is emphatical No.

I have also heard, that a man cheats on you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. This too is completely wrong because if a man truly loves his woman, he will never cheat on her.

The truth of the matter is that even though most men do cheat on their wives, it doesn’t mean that every other man cheats.

I know many men that have never cheated on their wife, and looking at the relationship with their wife I discovered that some things are common among all of them.

I believe that these things that are common among all of them if inculcated in a cheating relationship will solve the problem of cheating in that relationship most especially on the part of men.

Let’s take a look at some of these things:-

1. Don’t allow your man to be bored.
This is where constant communication comes in. Good communication is healthy for your marriage. There is power in communication as it energized the couple and also binds them together as one.
Communication is very important in every relationship whether the couples are leaving together or distantly as a result of distance job. Always have a discussion with your partner, and in a situation where both of you are leaving distantly because of job then chat with him always when you think he might be alone. Always tell him how you miss him, how you love him, how you would so much love to be in his arms, and always make sure you always take leave to visit him or him visiting you.

If both of you are leaving together always make sure he has all those stuff that can take him out of the home like watching football, drinking, etc… Provide those things at home for him. Do all that you can to not allow your man to be bored.

2. Satisfy him sexually.
Men love sex by nature, only a few have been able to discipline themselves in this regard and have gained tremendous control over this drive.
To the man lovemaking literally creates a deep feeling of attachment to his partner and when a woman is strongly being desired by his partner, it can be the single most reassuring part of their relationship.

When your husband is sexually satisfied with you the chances of him getting deviated from your relationship or feeling the need to satisfy his sexual pleasure outside the marriage is the least. If you want him to be your man forever, keeping him sexually happy is the biggest way to keep him yours forever.

As a woman ensure you do not deprive your husband of sex for any reason other than ill-health. Sex is a very important factor in a man’s life after his job. So when you deprive him of it, he will seek for it outside. Before he embarks on a journey, make sure you satisfy him well, and while he is on that journey always communicate with him.

3. Provide good food for him
There is this saying “The best way to a man’s heart may be through his belly”. This is true, If you are a woman that doesn’t know how to cook good food then you better go and learn or at least find a way to make sure that your husband always has good food. This is another thing that can take a man out of the home and once another woman can provide this for him, that is where he will always be.
Also knowing what he likes to eat without having to ask him demonstrates how well you know him.

4. Dress to please him.
Have you ever wondered why some men stare at another woman?. Most at times, you discover that it might either be that the woman dress attractive or she is very beautiful but on most occasion, it is as a result of attractive dressing. So if this is the case why won’t you as a woman understand the way your husband will want you to dress and begin to dress that way to always charm him.
No matter how long you’ve been together, dressing up for him sends a message that you still want to look good for him. Some Men love their wife wearing bump short at home then why not do that for him.

A man does not need love, what a man need is a respect. I can also call it submission. When a woman tells a man that she loves him, the man interprets it as respect. That is what he needs.

God never told the woman to love her husband what God told the woman is to respect her husband, to submit to him. Men feed on respect, they don’t want it but they need it. Now the question is, what is respect? It can be defined as an ‘. ” expression of high or special regard”,” an act of giving particular attention”, it also means to speak highly of. Respect is the attitudinal response from submission. Submission is the action that flows out of the attitude and that attitude is respect. In marriage submission and respect goes together so when you don’t respect your husband when you disdain him and another out there gives him this respect then you are bound to lose him to cheating with that other woman.

Having a  cheating husband is such a traumatic, stressful, and disturbing ordeal that no woman deserves. However, many women live daily with this reality, enduring the experience instead of having the peace and enjoyment that they thought their marriage would come with.

For every woman who finds herself dealing with a man who is a cheat, fighting the outsider interfering in your marriage is not the answer neither is leaving your marriage to your spouse’s affair partner the best solution. Inculcating the four things we discussed above in your marriage are ways to deal with the situation and keep your man to yourself.

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