When God created man, He gave the man a job to do, that job was his responsibility after which He now gave him a wife. In other words, the man had a job before the woman came in. God now said the woman is to help the man in the responsibility He has given to the man.

For one to be of help to another it means that there is something in the person that will enable him or her be of assistance to the other. So it is, with the woman. There are things inside of them deposited by God that made them helpers to men. This thing is what I called the inherent makeup of a woman.

I discovered that many men have not been able to discover the unique nature of women and that is why their inability to this has lead to many women not being able to fulfill their full potential in their relationship. If one does not know how something functions, he will either misuse it or abuse it. So also it is in a marriage relationship. If a man does not know the unique attributes by which his wife is made of and begin to benefit from it, he abuses it.

Let’s look at some of these inherent qualities.
1. Awesome mind

Women have an awesome mind. Have you ever wondered why when there is not enough money in the house, with the little money given to a woman by her husband she can go to the market, get some things for the house that will make her man wonder how she manages to do that. This attribute makes women good managers of the home
that’s the reason why many men turn the runnings of their home to their wives. Also, a woman can turn around her husband’s failing business. She can help bring her husband out of a hole.

2. Tenacity
Women have strong willpower especially when they put their minds into something. I have seen lots of women who manage companies, are in leadership positions or even in a busy career and yet come back to their homes and take care of their husband. Many men will break down if they engage in numerous tasks at the same time. Women can put up with much adversity and still survive, unlike most men. I realized that women stay longer in an uncomfortable situation more than men.

3. Enhancer
As an enhancer, the woman enables her man to accomplish the vision and purpose for which they where both created for. Remember the wife’s purpose relates to her husband’s purpose. She shares in his vision, encourage the man along the way, and helps him to accomplish his vision. I can also say that the woman as an enhancer improves the quality of her man.

4. Helper
A woman should understand that one of her unique nature is to be a helper and that she has been designed with many qualities and abilities that equip her to help. The woman’s purpose is to assist her man in fulfilling God’s plan for his life and that is why when a man has no plan, the woman is in trouble. She will suffer stress and frustration which can even lead to depression. This will also lead to the woman pursuing her own vision which might bring crisis in her marriage because the man might begin to see his wife as being domineering.

Remember helpers don’t take over rather they assist. This does not mean that the woman should not have her own interest and develop her own abilities but she should know that as a couple they need to share the same vision for their lives.

5. Influencer
women are designed in sure a way that they possess and exhibit this ability to influence. This is also called influence power. It is a powerful tool in the nature of the woman. I have seen women used this tool to bring down great and powerful men, they have also used this tool to cause things to happen in their favor. This is the power with which women exercise control over things without making noise. This is why men should understand how to regulate this power of women. Also, the man should learn how to use this quality in his woman to his favor.

Women are wonderful beings created by God to enable the man to fulfill purpose but when the man does not understand the inherent makeup of a woman, the man might not be able to benefit from this purpose instead begin to see the woman as being domineering. This could lead to crisis in the marriage.

The aim of all these is for the man to take to heart this write-up and apply them in his marital relationship so as to be able to assist his woman to fulfill her purpose which is also related to the purpose of him the man.


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