The most important choice you will need to make in your life as a man or as a woman is who to marry. This is so important that if you make the wrong choice, you will suffer for long but if you get it right then you will rejoice forever.

You have to understand that if you are in a relationship with someone, once the seal of marriage is stamped on that relationship, many things changes. That is why it is not something you go in without careful consideration and prayer. Also, it’s not something you rush in as a result of the following reasons.

1.SEX – I discovered that many young men and women don’t really understand what love is, their ignorance of this always cause them to be lead by emotional feeling and most of the time this feeling trigger the sex drive that always leads to sex if not control.

Sex drive releases certain hormones in one’s brain that changes the way one thinks at times if one is not well disciplined. When a man and a woman are into a relationship that is not void of sex, this drive can push them into marriage without them even realizing it, and once in the marriage after a while, they begin to discover that there is more to marriage than sex. At this point, you discover that the urge for sex will no longer be there. 

This is why sex is not love and so one should not go into a marriage relationship as a result of sex.

Sometimes pressure from family and friends can be useful when one is very anti-dating or very lazy about getting married. In that case, the pressure could help to motivate the person. But other than that,  pressure from family and friends can make you take a wrong decision which can propel you to make a wrong choice towards choosing the right person for marriage. And once you are in the marriage they will not be there when you start passing through the crisis that might come up.


When one mistakenly gets pregnant in a relationship rushing into marriage is not always the solution. In fact, rushing into marriage is like a quick solution but we all know that a quick solution to a problem is not always the right solution.
When one rushes into marriage in this situation it usually leads one setting aside some of his or her most cherished hopes and dreams for the time being and giving up much of the personal freedom that comes with adolescence and young adulthood.

To a certain extent, these losses are irrecoverable. Some of the things you’ve forfeited can never be regained no matter what you do. This is why you need to be very careful about taking a wrong decision in a time like this and most parties getting married in this circumstance is usually not as a result of love and when marriage is not built on true love it always leads to one person or the both of them enduring the marriage and in this circumstance, there is usually crisis in the marriage.

It is far better to take your time and marry the right person than to marry the wrong person because you are under pressure because of your age. Many don’t understand what’s inside marriage until they are into it and if you are telling them to take it easy first they think you don’t want them getting married.

There is this long-standing belief that people who marry late in life tend to have more stable marriages.
One of the advantages of taking your time to get married at this point is that you develop emotional skills and the self-awareness needed to make a successful marriage.
Marrying at the right age is ok but when the right man or woman has not come, don’t just rush or be under a pressure to marry so as not to make the wrong choice and then put yourself into the wrong marriage and then being in bitterness.

It has been observed that during dating, the majority of men and women involved in that relationship don’t usually bring out the real person they are made up of most at times consciously and some other times unconsciously. So it is usually difficult to know the real person the man or woman is until you get into marriage with him or her. I also discovered that many profess how much they love each other without understanding what true love is all about. They mistake emotional feelings for true love and that is the reason why when they eventually got married it won’t take time you see them seeking for a divorce.
That you are dating a person should not be a criterion for you to marry him or her in as much as it is better to date the right person in case it eventually leads to marriage.
So when you are in a dating relationship with someone the both of you should have it at the back of your mind that it is not a guarantee or compulsory that the both of you would end up in marriage unless you are compatible with each other so the best way should be to take advantage of the relationship period to really study each other intently should it be leading to marriage but in a situation whereby it is not, please let him or her go.
Don’t force yourself or rush yourself into getting married to him or her because you might get into the marriage and you begin to see a different thing.

Marriage is a serious business it is not something you just go into and after some time you decide to walk away. That many are divorcing doesn’t mean they are finding it funny. Divorce has lots of implications and creates stigma in the lives of the kids that is why you don’t need to rush into it without careful consideration and prayer.

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